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Paris Born photographer Vincent Desnoës was trained as an optician in France and later on studied American literature at George Mason University. He says that his technical training helps him understand what is going on inside his camera, while the study of great authors helps him get a better grasp of what happens in front of his lens. He spent his year of military service working as a photographer for the French army in Germany where, one year before the fall of the Berlin Wall, he was given the rare opportunity to shoot photographs for an informal reportage on East-Berlin and East-Germany.   Mr. Desnoës taught photography at Maine Teen Camp where he met his wife and later on worked as a staff photographer for George Mason University's office of communications. Back in Europe Mr. Desnoës was hired as a photography instructor for CFA. Com, a community college located on the outskirt of the French capital. While teaching photography to college students he also became a Paris correspondent for a number of Australian magazines and newspapers such as The Age, The Sydney Morning Herald, Wine and Gourmet Australia. He also volunteered for various non-profit organizations among which Operation Raleigh in Chile and Partners in Health in Haiti.  Vincent Desnoës lives in Cullman, Alabama, with his wife Brooke, their two daughters, Eglantine and Sidonie, and Nelson, their French Bulldog.

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